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Holistic Nutrient Therapy

Holistic Nutrient Therapy [HNT] is a unique form of treatment and a wholly new system of healthcare that we have pioneered and developed, relies on the powers of nature and focuses on remedy through wholesome foods supplemented by micronutrient formulations and a healthy lifestyle, rather than on medication. It proves to be the first of its kind in the world, which has been designed on the scientifically validated premise that the primary cause of all human ailments is the lack of adequate energy in the body. Therefore the essence of finding cure for and prevention from any disease lies in re-energizing the body to the required level.

About Us

Bhagavan Sri Dhanvanthiri Foundation

A spiritually oriented healthcare research organization founded in 1976, our mission is to find cure for many chronic diseases that torment mankind, using conventional modes of treatment relying entirely on the powers of Nature (Panchaboothas & solar energy).

MAA PHARMA (IND), the pharmaceutical company that we have promoted, in collaboration with Bhagavan Sri Dhanvanthiri foundation is utilizing R&D facilities to support the improvement of the bone marrow function by removing the impurities in the blood using the traditional knowledge of medicinal plants and recovery of useful molecules for effective functioning of the human circulatory system, thus by generating fresh blood, which in turn cures many incurable chronic illness and alarming threatful diseases of today’s world.

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