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Dr. S. Parthasarathy

Bhagavan Sri Lord Dhanvanthiri, the divine physician of the celestials, to whom our Foundation is dedicated and named after, is revered as the God of Health. A spiritually oriented healthcare organization, our mission is to find cure for the many chronic diseases that torment mankind, relying entirely on the powers of Nature.

In olden days people led a simple life, breathing clean air, drinking unpolluted water, eating natural food, doing plenty of manual work and taking adequate rest as well; whereby they enjoyed a healthy constitution that kept the diseases at bay. The scenario is altogether different today. Environmental pollution has rendered the air and water toxic, junk food has become the popular fare, physical activity is minimal among most and there is enormous stress at work place and home with inadequate rest and recreation. All these drive the individuals to despair and life-style diseases, as their immune systems break down. The upshot of it is that the prevalence of life-threatening diseases is far more today than it used to be once.

A ready remedy can be found in infusing fresh energy into the body to combat these ailments. The quality, quantity and circulation of blood are the principal defining factors of a person’s health. Eliminating the impurities that attract disease-causing bacteria and virus from the bloodstream while supplementing it with fresh blood, and ensuring efficient blood circulation within the system are bound to re-energize a sick person. These objectives can be effectively achieved by utilizing solar energy.

We practise a unique therapy wherein wholesome foods are supplemented by micronutrient formulations wholly extracted from plants, since plant life stores solar energy they derive from the sun in abundance. An innovative step in healthcare and the first of its kind in the world, the method has proved immensely successful in bringing relief to scores of patients from all over India and overseas. It is rapidly increasing in popularity due to its relative affordability and shorter duration.

We have set ourselves the lofty ideal of reaching out to people all over India and beyond so that many more who suffer from the ordeal of diseases benefit from the fruits of our labour. We are inspired by a solemn conviction that working to alleviate the suffering of fellow human beings is the surest way of being one with God.